Guiding Children Since 1997

The Montessori Place of Learning was established in 1997, and since then we have helped children develop social, emotional and learning skills the Montessori way. Phonics, reading, drama, and Chinese programmes are taught in a fun way, with life skills and sciences being introduced in practical ways. We also specialize in teaching children with slower learning abilities or who are slightly autistic. Our students are given the best care, love, patience and guidance to go through the same Montessori programmes, but at their own speed and capabilities. Specially tailored programmes are available too. Whether you enroll your child in full-time or part-time child care, he or she will be sure to benefit from our highly experienced and professional staff.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

  • Provide a caring and enriching child care environment
  • Develop lifelong relationships
  • Provide a fun and challenging environment
  • Provide superior support and services for local and international schools

We fulfill our mission with honesty, trust, a passion for excellence and the same love of learning we instill in our students.

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